Thank you for joining the Ross Republic podcast. In our third episode, your host Adrian Klee is joined by Mr. Ignacio Javierre. He is the co-founder of Hubuc, a fast growing company focusing on embedded financial services, and a strategic partner of Ross Republic.

RR Podcast #3

Hubuc is currently building the next generation of financial infrastructure under a “Banking-as-a-Platform” model, offering end-to-end banking capabilities to third parties via modern API’s. They enable any brand to either launch a modern financial services offering, or to complement their existing services with banking.

Embedding banking into offerings outside the field of banking has traditionally been the luxury of big brands with deep pockets. They have typically partnered with traditional banks, of which a good example is the Apple credit card, run on Goldman Sachs’ new Banking-as-a-Platform business.

Now, with the emergence of open banking, new providers such as Hubuc have lowered the entry barrier for embedded banking and made it available also to smaller brands and companies without any existing financial services capabilities.

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