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We grow business

We are a strategy and innovation consultancy, developing offerings, go-to-market strategies and brands for start-ups, scale ups and established businesses.

We grow business

We are a strategy and innovation consultancy, developing offerings, go-to-market strategies and brands for start-ups, scale ups and established businesses.


Elevating visions of change makers

We’ve helped our clients identify growth platforms, create new market categories, devise digital transformation strategies and launch new products.


Expanding into growth markets in Asia

The confidential client is a family-owned European industrial equipment manufacturing leader with €200M yearly revenue and 1k employees. The firm offers a range of industrial equipment, software and associated specialist services and currently invests in new growth opportunities beyond its core markets.


Expanding into new markets with bundled offerings

Holvi, a high-growth BBVA portfolio company, is a Pan-European B2B banking and SaaS service. BBVA strives to grow the business by entering new markets and inventing new cross-category offerings through its fintech portfolio companies.


Exceptional engineering and a giant

Jaquet is a medium-sized family owned business, a leading supplier of speed sensing technology and a tier 2 OEM with a turnover of 60 MEUR. Jaquet was acquired in 201 7 by TE Connectivity, a 14 billion USD business.


Transforming an AI start-up into a revenue generating business

Curious AI is a start-up which focuses on knowledge work automation, industrial process prediction, optimisation and process control.


Growing beyond the core business

MINI, owned by BMW, is one of the most beloved car brands. It is legendary in its design, and its drivers have a deeply emotional relationship with the car.


Increasing earnings by 15 % with digital transformation

POP Alliance represents 26 independent cooperative POP Banks with an operating profit of 14.2 %.


Shifting focus onto the service business

Yara is a global chemical company with a EUR 11,5 billion revenue. It is the market leader in the crop nutrition category the Nordics.









Ideas for tackling growth challenges

Explore our latest thinking on relevant industry trends, growth strategies, new business models and insights from our client work.

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How ING is innovating its way to the bank of the future

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Making a difference

We are hands-on consultants with a solid track record of effecting change and delivering results. When needed, the core team is fortified with on-demand specialists from our global network.

Tintti Sarola, co-founder at Ross Republic

Tintti Sarola

Tintti leads Ross Republic’s strategy team. She has in-depth knowledge of business development and branding in various B2B industries, and is known for delivering ambitious yet actionable recommendations.

Jussi Hyttinen, co-founder at Ross Republic

Jussi Hyttinen

Jussi leads Ross Republic’s communication team. As an ex-R&D engineer and creative, with a passion for making engineering approachable, he is a perfect partner to transform b2b businesses into more customer-centric entities.

Adrian Klee, partner at Ross Republic

Adrian Klee

Adrian is an expert in building digital business in the financial services sector. He has worked in Fintech and Consulting before and specialises in market research, digital service development and lean venture building.


Timo Haanpää

Timo has a solid track record in building new high tech ventures from inception to viable businesses. He has particular expertise in deep tech; especially in AI and robotics. His experience covers the entire scope from building highly effective teams, securing both public and private funding, as well as creating the positive buzz and commercial support every new venture needs to gain traction.

Henning Lueke, advisor for community building at ross republic

Henning Lueke

Henning is a serial entrepreneur in building communities on a global scale. He runs his own community platforms as well as manages communities for major brands. His speciality is crowd relationship management, online social dynamics, community management and crowdsourcing.