Thank you for joining the Ross Republic podcast. In our fourth episode, your hosts Adrian Klee and Mikko Riikkinen discuss the future of banking services for small and medium-sized enterprises.

RR Podcast #4

SMEs are the growth engine of Europe, where over 90% of businesses are classified within that category.

That is naturally a huge and diverse group of businesses, ranging from well-digitized start-ups to the classic one man craft band, for whom the creation of a business website is a real step forward on the road of digitization. So the segment of SMEs is very fragmented and their needs and expectations for their banking providers are equally diverse

Smaller players need banking as much as large corporations, and above all banking that is tailored for them. Small businesses have thus far been squeezed between retail and corporate banking customers, usually resulting in ill fitting banking services without tailoring.

So what’s next for SME banking? Can there be a “one-fits-all” account or might there be more specialised banking players focusing on niche solutions?

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