Digital product portfolio management becomes a key success factor for banks and fintechs in the digital era.

Digital transformation initiatives usually focus on the supply-side of banking, such as creating infrastructure efficiencies, bringing down cost structures or leveraging automation. However, there is a significant opportunity for banks and fintechs in deliberately taking the demand-side into account: new value propositions, hybrid-channel journeys, intelligent monetisation models and engaging experiences that customers trust. Thus, the whitepaper illstrates how financial services companies can boost their top-line results by rethinking their approach to product portfolio management.

In particular, the whitepaper covers:

  • Financial services institutions are under pressure, e.g. due to increasing regulatory requirements and new market entrants
  • Why financial services providers should switch from a product-centric to a customer-centric product management approach: understanding what clients really need and translating insights into useful solutions that can be monetised
  • Building a modular product portfolio across digital, hybrid and human interaction layers
  • Re-thinking banking service delivery via scalable horizontal channels as well as unique vertical channels
  • How to get started with portfolio innovation in financial services

About the author

Adrian Klee, partner at Ross Republic

Adrian Klee

Adrian is an expert in building digital business in the financial services sector. He has a background in Fintech and Consulting, and specialises in market research, digital service development and lean venture building.

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