Thank you for joining the Ross Republic podcast. In our twelfth episode, your host Adrian Klee is joined by Sebastian Dienst, co-founder of digital finance platform Remagine, to talk about new innovation opportunities in business finance.

RR Podcast #12

Being the economic engine of most European countries, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent a very attractive market segment. However, incumbents traditionally had no incentive to create tailored SME banking products due due to the highly fragmented nature of the SME market paired with high costs to underwrite and serve small business clients. Rapid advancements in technology, automation, data analytics, online customer acquisition, as well API connectivity now make it possible to profitable service the SME segment with next generation digital business banking services.

Especially in lending, digital banking platforms offer improved conditions, streamlined digital processes and tailored solutions, providing an attractive alternative to a traditional bank loan or equity investments. One of them is Remagine, a financing platform for high-growth and impact-led businesses. In this episode, Adrian and Remagine’s co-founder Sebastian outline why financing from traditional banks and venture capital firms are not always the right option for businesses and dive deeper into the topic of revenue-based financing.

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