Thank you for joining the Ross Republic podcast. In our thirteenth episode, your host Adrian Klee is joined by Ross Republic’s Advisor Maso Arai as well as Nicolas Kipp and Jens Röhrborn from Banxware to discuss embedded lending.

RR Podcast #13

The concept of embedded finance, i.e. integrating financial services seamlessly via APIs, is a topic that we have covered extensively at Ross Republic. New technologies (cloud, microservices, advanced analytics), distribution models (APIs, developer platforms) and regulatory developments (open banking, PSD2) are beginning to shift the linear financial services value chain towards open platforms and embedded financial services. Not only financial services brands, but in fact any brand can now quite rapidly and directly place banking products and services within their channels, platforms and propositions, unlocking new revenue streams and user value.

One of the latest players in offering embedded finance is Berlin-based Banxware, which offers working capital loans for SMEs, in partnership with marketplaces, payments providers, neobanks, and others. In this episode, Jens and Nicolas explain the concept behind Banxware, their go-to-market hypothesis and the challenges of building an embedded lending platform.

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