The year, which just ended, was probably as strange and astonishing to everyone. However, there is no new normal and the world remains exactly as it was before. A perpetual wonderful chaos of cause and effect, caring little about our plans. It is what makes life precious and stresses the importance of adaptability and evolution.

A dip and a win

What started off as a promising year for Ross Republic, soon ground to a halt as it did for most. But the world kept turning, and so did the cogs of our company and 2020 ended in a much better note than we had hoped. We currently have plenty of ongoing projects and the new faces that come with it.

As the company is growing, there is an increasing demand for talent in projects as well as management. This has lead to a restructuring of the management team, with Tintti Sarola focusing solely in her role as strategy lead, and Jussi Hyttinen taking the helm as CEO.


“Due to the increase in the volume and complexity of projects, I want to focus solely on the work with our clients and leave the business development of Ross Republic to Jussi, who is well equipped for building structures and processes to grow the company.”

Tintti Sarola, co-founder

“Our team is distributed across the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany, so I’m looking forward to further improving our agile structures and processes at Ross Republic. Having an experienced venture builder like Jussi in the CEO position enables us to create a new type of consultancy for the ecosystem era.”

-Adrian Klee, partner

Pursuing light

My priority as CEO is to keep Ross Republic on the trail of growth, which will have implications on our services and people. Our advisor network in financial services will be reinforced with more talent to stay ahead of our workload, and the development of our industrial team will continue as we broaden our scope within the category.

Although it may seem that the new year brought no relief in the current state of the world, we are closer to the light at the end of the tunnel every day. With that, I look forward to continuing working with all the people that make this company Ross Republic.


About the author

Jussi Hyttinen, co-founder at Ross Republic

Jussi Hyttinen

Jussi is an ex-R&D engineer and creative, with a head for conceptualization and a passion for building.

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