Building an internal innovation engine to maximise organic growth opportunities

In the current macroeconomic landscape, characterised by higher interest rates and economic headwinds, top-performing companies are adapting their growth strategies. Check out our playbook to help shift your focus from heavy diversification and expansion towards disciplined core business growth.


Extreme rate hikes force a reset of expansionary growth strategies

Last decade’s innovation approaches, such as:

  • Launching hip innovation labs in the hopes of finding a moonshot
  • Aggressive venture building and diversification beyond the core business
  • Making leveraged acquisitions and corporate venture capital investments

… are not fit for purpose in the post zero-interest-rate economy.

ECB RATE (2013-2024)


In this cycle, organic growth delivers over half of value creation

In times of high cost of capital and macro headwinds, top-performers are re-focusing on business fundamentals again.

The primary driver of value creation will be focused operational improvements, i.e. organic revenue growth (55%) and margin expansion (20%):

  • Fixing broken business models
  • Supercharging growth in healthy, but slower-growing, businesses
  • Gaining market share in existing areas through better products, services or customer experiences
  • Expanding into adjacent markets by launching new products, entering new geographies, and targeting new client segments

Median total enterprise value creation (by year of exit)
Source: CEPRES Market Intelligence


A new playbook to create organic core business growth

The Core Growth Playbook (CGP) supports corporate innovation and product leaders in building an operating framework to create a high-performing core business. It creates an environment that 1) empowers teams to continuously seize organic growth opportunities at scale and 2) filters projects for effective use of time, energy and budgets.

”Working with Ross Republic brought new thinking into how a traditional bank can leverage its heritage while embracing innovative banking through an open ecosystem.

The RR team helped us to reimagine our role within the entire value chain and supported us in our journey towards operationalising and bringing the new offering to the market.”

– Head of Product


Putting the playbook into action

Moving from a growth-at-all-cost towards a disciplined growth mindset is best practised within a specific business or product unit.

That’s why we developed our IGNITE fast-track: A hands-on, data-driven four-step process designed to support commercial and product teams in accelerating organic revenue growth:

Let’s work together

Organic growth doesn’t just happen accidentally. First, the strategic ambition needs to be clear so that internal teams can be empowered to uncover growth ideas and own the outcomes. Ideas become validated opportunities and then pushed into an iterative implementation process.

High-potential opportunities often lie hidden between the intersection of creative market foresight, crossovers of adjacent segments (for example, e-commerce and finance), ideas from the work floor and internal data.

Connect with me below to talk about enabling growth at scale.

Adrian Klee, Partner