ŠKODA is one of the longest-standing car manufacturers in the world. ŠKODA is synonymous with smart understatement, excellent value for money and a distinct design.


In response to major changes in the business landscape and changing customer needs in how cars are bought and used, the management team wanted their marketing partners to craft a vision for the future of mobility. ŠKODA requested that Fjord Berlin from Accenture Interactive lead the project. Fjord, in turn, hired Ross Republic’s head of strategy to co-lead it.


The lead agency steered a customer experience workshop. The workshop output was enriched by extensive desktop research. The final output was a vision presentation and a vision film which highlighted the change in customer behaviours as well as suggested new values and brand behaviours. These provide a guide for ŠKODA to follow as it seeks to create and deliver relevant mobility experiences in the future.


  • Customer experience workshop
  • Desktop analysis
  • Mobility vision presentation
  • Vision film


The project led ŠKODA to initiate various mobility pilot projects to identify which digital services make customers’ lives easier.

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Tintti Sarola, co-founder at Ross Republic

Tintti Sarola

Tintti leads Ross Republic’s strategy team. She has in-depth knowledge of business development and branding in various B2B industries, and is known for delivering ambitious yet actionable recommendations.

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