POP Alliance represents 26 independent cooperative POP Banks with an operating profit of 14.2 %.


How to steer an engaging business digitalisation project for 26 independent corporations operating with high levels of autonomy? How to build a shared digital business foundation to enable the POP Alliance to coordinate the businesses of banks based on data and build new products, services and business models?


The strategy updated the company’s vision, mission and customer promise. It defined overarching transformation themes and their impact on
management, back-end operations, products, marketing and sales, and finally customer experience.


  • Business digitalisation strategy


POP Banks’ earnings increased by 15% within a year of the strategy roll-out. POP Bank has launched 100 % digital banking products such as an unsecured consumer credit which drive both new customer acquisition and revenues.

About the author

Tintti Sarola, co-founder at Ross Republic

Tintti Sarola

Tintti leads Ross Republic’s strategy team. She has in-depth knowledge of business development and branding in various B2B industries, and is known for delivering ambitious yet actionable recommendations.