Jaquet is a medium-sized family owned business. It is a leading supplier of speed sensing technology and a tier 2 OEM with a turnover of 60 MEUR. Jaquet was acquired in 201 7 by TE Connectivity, a 14 billion USD business.


How to position and launch a groundbreaking high-tech product which potentially provided several new benefits to automotive engine design? How to justify the switching cost? How to succeed in a complex sales environment with new stakeholders entering the company?


Based on the market and customer insights, Jaquet changed the communication approach from tech-driven to outcome-driven communication and positioned the company as the most experienced partner in leading technology transformation projects.


  • Customer journey maps
  • Marketing strategy
  • Product brand
  • Product marketing concept
  • Sales strategy for complex sales
  • Marketing assets
  • Sales tools


The new marketing and sales strategy boosted the confidence of sales staff and supported Jaquet in winning the critical first automotive pilot contracts. The new product brand was embraced by other business units and consequently resulted in several other projects within the organisation.

About the author

Jussi Hyttinen, co-founder at Ross Republic

Jussi Hyttinen

Jussi is an ex-R&D engineer and creative, with a head for conceptualization and a passion for building.

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