Holvi, a high-growth BBVA portfolio company, is a Pan-European B2B banking and SaaS service. BBVA strives to grow the business by entering new markets and inventing new cross-category offerings through its fintech portfolio companies.


How to enter Europe’s biggest market, Germany, and expand Holvi’s business footprint with a disruptive business banking offering that bundles value-adding third party accounting solutions? 


We assisted Holvi in identifying the optimal B2B partner and go-to-market strategy and performed a market analysis of the chosen segment, accounting services. Holvi was able to integrate these partnerships into the banking platform, utilizing a new digital business model built by Ross Republic.


  • Go-to-market analysis
  • 4-week research and concept sprint: from idea to final concept
  • Research to identify value-creating cross-sector service concept
  • Localisation and partnership strategy
  • Business model scenarios


The project enabled Holvi to be positioned as a reliable but disruptive partner in the German financial services ecosystem and differentiate the brand with a bundled service offering.

About the author

Adrian Klee, partner at Ross Republic

Adrian Klee

Adrian is an expert in building digital business in the financial services sector. He has worked in Fintech and Consulting before and specialises in market research, digital service development and lean venture building.