Helen is the second largest energy company in Finland. The company has been awarded as the world’s best producer of city energy, and it has an exceptionally sustainable reputation in the energy business.


The energy companies of the future use mainly renewable energy sources and their energy grid is a hybrid grid that transmits energy from the centralised energy plants as well as from de-centralised local sources owned by their customers. They need to enable their customers to become energy producers and sellers in the open energy market. How to get there?


We engaged the top management extensively to define ambitious yet actionable cornerstones for the company’s climate neutral future. In addition to ensuring the strategy’s upstream acceptability, we also wanted to ensure its downstream executability. We workshopped around the cornerstones with Helen’s creative agency to ensure a smooth transition from strategic planning to creative design.


  • Energy market analysis
  • Brand strategy recommendation

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Tintti Sarola, co-founder at Ross Republic

Tintti Sarola

Tintti leads Ross Republic’s strategy team. She has in-depth knowledge of business development and branding in various B2B industries, and is known for delivering ambitious yet actionable recommendations.

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