Holvi, a high-growth BBVA portfolio company, is a Pan-European B2B banking and SaaS service. BBVA strives to grow the business by entering new markets and inventing new cross-category offerings through its fintech portfolio companies.


What kind of a bookkeeping product is compliant with German legislation and compatible with the local ecosystem? How to deliver the service? How to position the bundled offering “business account + bookkeeping service” in the German market?


Through a comprehensive bookkeeping market analysis, we identified the optimal partner segment as well as a potential partner candidate. Together with the partner, we defined a compliant bookkeeping product and established clear the roles and responsibilities between Holvi and the partner.


  • Identification of the optimal bookkeeping partner segment
  • Product-market-fit
  • Successful partner screening


  • Go-to-market analysis
  • 4-week research and concept sprint: from idea to final concept
  • Research to identify a value-creating cross-sector service concept
  • Localisation and partnership strategy
  • Business model scenarios


Holvi adjusted its accounting product to local market requirements with the help of the recommended bookkeeping partner. Holvi was the first SME fintech to integrate its service with the leading digital accounting providers in Germany (Datev, Lexoffice).

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Tintti Sarola, co-founder at Ross Republic

Tintti Sarola

Tintti leads Ross Republic’s strategy team. She has in-depth knowledge of business development and branding in various B2B industries, and is known for delivering ambitious yet actionable recommendations.

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