Curious AI is a start-up which focusing in knowledge work automation and industrial process prediction, optimisation and process control.


How to transform an AI start-up from essentially a research lab into a viable business? How to introduce a new commercial DNA, and attractive AI products with a solid business model, to generate revenue and convince VC’s?


We analysed potential product segments to identify an optimal match between opportunities and the company’s AI capabilities. We designed a business model to support the launch of the selected pilot products to the market. The company’s vision and mission were redefined and its brand redesigned to support the commercial market entry.


  • AI product analysis and product focus and business model recommendation
  • Brand strategy and identity
  • New brand assets and digital presence


Curious AI has introduced three AI products to the market and ran three customer pilot projects; one for each commercialised product.  The company is currently on its second VC round.

About the author

Jussi Hyttinen, co-founder at Ross Republic

Jussi Hyttinen

Jussi is an ex-R&D engineer and creative, with a head for conceptualization and a passion for building.

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